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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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toys r us. they open their doors at 10:00 tonight. we'll show you some of the deals shoppers are walking away with. a program in the u.s. house of representatives is helping disabled veterans find a job in some pretty impressive environments. the story coming up. and should school officials be allowed to seize and search students' personal cell phones and computers? it's now legal in parts of our area. find out where.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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a mississippi family has a lot to be thankful for tonight after suffering a devastating loss. >> a local vet is helping to give their fallen son's military service dog a new lease on life and their family new hope and healing. >> come on. >> reporter: these are the first steps to a new life for 9- year-old les, a retired military service dog. >> good boy! you're a good boy. >> reporter: recovering after losing his best friend, 20-year- old corporal dustin lee and
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nearly losing his own life after a rocket attack in iraq three years ago. >> he suffered a lot of shrapnel wounds, has a piece of shrapnel still in his spine, almost lost his tail. >> reporter: jerome and rachel lee, dustin's paren as, say they wanted to be -- parents, say they wanted to be there for lex like he was for their son, so with the help of north carolina's congressman walter jones, he helped the family adopt lex. >> we felt it was the only honorable thing to do was adopt lex and bring him home. >> we knew that's what dustin 2 woo want to us do. >> reporter: the lees say it wasn't long after lex came home they began to notice a change in him. >> he's got young bones. his bone density is good as a young dog's. but we knew something was wrong because he was going down. >> reporter: the slap natural lodged in his spine causing -- slap natural lodged in his
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spine causing dole -- shrapnel lodged in his spine causing debilitating back pain. the dog was offered adult stem cell therapy, a cutting edge treatment that could repair joints by growing new cartilage. the stem cells come from the dog's own fat, normally from the abdomen, and is then injected into the affected joint. the quick process takes about three days with an 80% success rate. the lees say they already see a change in lex. whichever he saw me walking down the hall, he was -- whenever he saw me walking down the hall, he wasn't hopping as much and i could tell he has already started working. i feel that with physical therapy and the love that we're giving him and he's part of our family, it's just going to get better. >> reporter: for lex and the lees bonded through loss and love helping each other heal one step at a time. >> they just bonded so much that we knew that's what dustin
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would want us to do, take care of lex. >> our family loves lex. he is not a normal dog. >> very happy thanksgiving to all our military men and women out there serving our country and doing us proud. >> all right. talk a little weather? >> before we talk about weather, some vitalys you want to talk about. >> i have -- some vichuals you want to talk about. >> i have eaten at fox 5 several years, henry sol's cafe. >> they were on our morning -- on our morning show. >> the best sweet potato pie on the planet. that's the best i've ever had. >> and you call the stuffing or dressing? >> i call it stuffing.
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we've had this argument all day today, stuffing. >> dressing. >> and the battle continues, okay. >> you're from the south. it's dressing down south. you're from the midwest. that's all i'm saying. >> it's all good to me. henry did it justice i'm telling you right now. >> to our weather, justice, gary, come on. >> rain is coming, kind of rising temperatures with rain coming on in. so if you're going to be one of those black friday warriors, dress for the rain because it's going to come across. now we'll show you however heavy it is right now back out to the west here in a second, but i want to show you temperatures. it's 54 degrees in the city and by the way, 54 degrees, that's the high for the day today. so temperatures have been coming up and i've been watching fredericksburg the last couple of hours creep up, too, in between slices of sweet potato pie. 52 degrees in culpeper right now, back to the west it's still chilly.
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hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester 46, cumberland 47. there's a little wedge of cold air back there, but i think that overnight tonight it's going to be even warming up out there, too because there's a lot of warm air down to the south. where the warm air really is just into western sections of west virginia and coming up here into eastern parts of ohio and that's where the rain is tonight, too. you can see back out to the west of us here heavy rain coming through most of ohio into western sections of pittsburgh and again it's a fairly good ways away from us. it's moving up to the east and to the northeast fairly steady, too but it looks like now all trends are that as it comes on across and it probably starts getting into the area by about 4:00 tomorrow morning, it's going to break up just a little bit. so it does not look like it's going to be quite as heavy as what you're seeing coming on right now. this is futurecast. you can see it's 4 a.m. we're still dry at 4 a.m. in the city, but it's starting
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to cross over i-81 and i would say if you're in frederick county or so, western loudoun county, you'll probably get this rain by 4 a.m. we'll jump in time a little bit. by 8:00 it basically moves in h up and down. we're getting some drying already taking place back out to the west and it looks like by 12:00 or 1:00 as the front starts coming on through it will drag the rain with. it we'll dry out in the afternoon -- with it. we'll dry out in the afternoon. it's going to get breezy and cooler and it looks like it's going to stay mostly cloudy, too. cold, breezy, blustery on saturday, loads of sunshine, temperatures only in the 40s and on sunday loads of sunshine. it will be cool, though, with temperatures only in the lower 50s. overnight showers will arrive, steady to rising temperatures. let me show you the forecast for tomorrow morning. it's going to be in the upper 50s pretty much areawide with the showers. 57 or so by noon.
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some places may touch 60 degrees tomorrow morning before we start getting colder in the afternoon as the front pushes through and drags in the colder stuff. blustery saturday, a high of only 48. looks like by sunday morning we could have our first freeze of the season for national. so it's going to be a nice weekend, but it's going to be rather cold. >> all right. gary, thank you for that. well, you know, each week -- >> know your opponent brought to you by mcdonald's. >> well, each week at this time dave feldman quizzes one of the redskins about the team's upcoming opponent. >> it's thanksgiving night and while other stations are airing reruns, dave ross has the scoop on the brand-new edition of know your opponent. >> holiday or no holiday we do not mail it in here in the fox 5 sports department. the vikings are in town this sunday and dave feldman it his due diligence quizzing a guy
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who was born in tonga and grew up in hawaii and today answers questions about minnesota. here now is this week's edition of know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host, dave feldman. >> reporter: know your opponent with -- say your whole name correctly so we have it on the record. >> michael kemoeatu. >> reporter: you go by kemo. it's easier for all of us. i heard from hawaii you grew up a lakers fan. >> i did. >> reporter: okay. where were the lakers -- hold on. you might get it -- before they moved to los angeles, they were the what lakers? i'll give you a clue. >> the minneapolis lakers. >> reporter: yes. you were going to face brett favre, the quarterback. this is brett favre's fourth stop, believe it or not, fourth
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stop. can you name the three previous teams he was on? >> green bay. >> reporter: that's one. >> minnesota. >> reporter: who did he play with two years ago? >> two years ago. >> reporter: in new york? >> jets. >> reporter: right. he was with the jets. and before he was with the packers he played with another team. i'll give you a clue. their nickname is a bird. >> i'll have to go with cardinals. >> reporter: it was the falcons. >> i was going to go with the falcons first. >> reporter: were you? the vikings primary color is purple. >> yes. >> reporter: okay? which one of these things is not, not associated with the color purple? barney dinosaur, the artest formerly known as prince, a -- the artist formerly known as prince, a mixture of red and blue, lava coming out of a volcano. please get it right. >> i would have to go with the last one.
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>> reporter: yes, that's right, lava coming it's out of a volcano. all right. you're 2 -- coming out of a volcano. all right. you're 2-3. >> next time bring me some food. >> reporter: you have one of the largest helmet sizes in the nfl. i hear they tease you about that. >> you're teasing me? >> reporter: no. i'm not. i heard the players. so my question is if you're the largest on the team, who has the smallest helmet size? i'll give you three choices. a, carlos rogers, b, albert haynesworth, c, santana moss. which one has the smallest helmet size on the team? >> probably rogers. >> reporter: that's right. good job. >> yes, yes. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: 3-4. hold on. you got one more. >> yes. i'm hungry. >> reporter: can you show us the famed arrow when you shoot the arrow after a good play and i'll hold your helmet. oh, man, that thing is -- no wonder that's a big thing.
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all right. show me after a good play how you do the arrow. >> like that. >> reporter: you went 4-5, congratulations. this is the heaviest thing i have ever held in my entire life. i mean this is like doing curls, but thank you and you went 4-5 and next time, kemo, i'll bring you food. >> yes. promise? >> reporter: promise. >> you bring me food next time. >> feldy is with the players. >> he is. >> how many did you all get correctly because feldy and i did our own informal survey. we thought you'd get four out of five? >> i got five. >> can't verify that. wisdom, how many? >> five out of five. >> we had you for two out of five. we know you get the prince one right because you love purple. we all know that. that's the only one we could verify you got correct. >> five out of five for me.
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coming up later in sports a huge day of football. i know wisdom watched some. we'll update you on all the great highlights and the hoops and wizards in action down in atlanta. well, the controversy over chocolate, the ruling that will force some foodmakers to ditch the word pure on its labels. for you waiting in line for black friday, we have some advice that could save you a lot of money, all new on the edge another shopping option that you should maybe consider. you try to lie low, get the lay of the land. but then calls your interior lexus quiet. and automobile magazine goes comparing you to a cadillac. ♪ so much for the new kid fitting in with the rest of the class. the all new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪
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don't let the packaging fool you. there's no such thing as pure chocolate. that's the ruling from the european union's high court. it ends the fight over chocolate labels. an italian law recognizes the term pure chocolate for products made from 100% cocoa butter that. distinguishes it from a product containing vegetable fat. an eu spokesperson said the rule is aimed to create a fair
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balance between two different chocolate cultures in europe. the news keeps coming right now. maureen umeh is in for brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> they lined up for hours to get the first crack at the best deals. black friday is not even here yet but the shopping frenzy has begun at several stores, including toys r us. they opened their doors just over an hour ago. fox 5's roz plater is here with a look at what the eager shoppers are walking away. with. >> reporter: more than 1,100 shoppers so far and they are still lining up. look at this line wrapped around the corner. as a measure of crowd control they're letting only about 50 people into the store at a time because they can only have a maximum of 600 or so in the store and they are still lining up. by far the shoppers seem to be focusing on the big ticket items. take a look at these carts coming out of here and by far we're told one of the most popular items is this little teak's kitchen set.
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all this may be paying -- little tyke's kitchen set. all this may be paying off for shoppers because one family told me they've already saved about $200. toys r us probably made a very smart move opening its doors on 10 p.m. thanksgiving day getting the jump on black friday. hundreds lined up for hours, so many, in fact, the store could let in only 50 shoppers at a time. >> we just have fun doing this more than anything. >> reporter: a few doors down at target, the more traditional black friday shoppers lined up 12 hours ahead of the 4 a.m. opening. >> honestly we don't really have a set list of things that we absolutely have to have. we're just going to shop. >> reporter: and be done by? >> hopefully around 6:00. the year of shopping is ton. >> reporter: one shopper bought a tent for the night. others figured out how to stay warm. >> we're going to snuggle more and hoping that body heat will kick in at some point. my husband said he'll show up with hot chocolate in a couple
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hours. >> reporter: there's even a rapper in the group to entertain them. >> black friday line one thing on mind, trying to get that tv and make it all mine. 40-inch plasma, wait for lcd but who really cares? i'm just trying to get a tv. >> reporter: if you think these lines are long out here, the checkout lines inside the store are wrapped around and around the store as people stock up on buying all these things apparently willing to spend money which is probably a good sign for retailers in this economy and meantime now this store will will be open until about 10:00 tomorrow -- store will be open until about 10:00 tomorrow night. if you don't have the patience to deal with those crowds, there's another way find great deals on electronics and that story is minutes away. so if you're ready to brave the crowds, the question is what's the score weather wise tonight and tomorrow morning? gary mcgrady is downsize in the
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weather center with a look at the black friday forecast. >> i have no idea when you leave to get to those, but if you're hearing us tonight there's rain just to the west of us. by about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, it's going to start moving on across. whatever you need to do to stay dry when you're standing in line at 4:00 or 6:00 in the morning or even later, you'll want to take an umbrella. here's true view. the showers are moving in our direction. the thinking here is 4:00, 5:00 or so in the morning they'll start to move on across the area. in terms of the forecast for tomorrow, now the unusual part of this forecast for tonight, temperatures will be rising. we'll be in the upper 50s through the first part of the day and getting cooler in the evening. we should have showers in the forecast until about noon tomorrow, drier for the afternoon. weekend forecast is coming up. president obama calmed members of our armed services deployed in support of operation new dawn and
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operation enduring freedom. he spoke with representatives from the army, air force, navy, coastguard and marines and thanked each of them for their sacrifice and wished them and their families a happy hanks giving. holiday feasts too, overseas with all the trimmings. chief master sergeant dean roberts volunteered to serve military men and women bated in kandahar. the division -- stationed in kandahar. the unemployment rate with veterans is very high and making change to civilian life can be challenging especially during these economic tough times. fox 5's jennifer grey has the details hoping to change the program for a few of those helping serve our country. >> reporter: under the imposing capitol dome the office bill collins reported to the last 22 months. >> every day to work it's just
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the fact and i'm actually here. >> reporter: the military hair- cut is a clue to his former life, a lawyer for the marine corps until health issues forced him to retire in 2008. finding a job in the down economy was tough, so the father of three was thrilled when he learned about this fellowship through the wounded warrior program that would allow him to serve for two years as a veterans affairs advisor. >> for me coming from the military to have a sense of purpose behind what i do. >> reporter: a difficult road brought alex perkins to his fellowship in the sergeant in arms office one month ago. >> we rolled over an ied and it tore the humvee apart. >> reporter: and there were only four of you in the humvee? >> only four. >> reporter: and you were the only one that survived? >> yes. i was very lucky. i was a little lost after discharge. so i was trying to find a way to continue serving the american public. >> reporter: he had a long rove, went to college and
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searched in vain for -- recovery, went to college and searched in vain for a civilian job. >> it was kind of frustrating because didn't know who would want to hire me. >> reporter: the u.s. house of representatives wounded warrior program was founded in 2008 to give disabled veterans and wounded warriors a chance to work in a congressional environment and make future employment contacts. the program's director says wounded veterans represent many more who not only need help, but deserve it. >> they served and now with the high unemployment rate it's a chance for the house to give some opportunities. >> reporter: opportunities come in the form of 50 fellowshipships. 33 are currently filled. fellows work in congressional offices around the country and get paid on average $45,000 a year, but the networking possibilities are intended to be priceless. >> i think this would be just a rewarding experience for opportunities i never would
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have considered before. >> reporter: as for perkins he's just branching out, emergency preparedness, the same topic he used to brief soldiers on. >> i was simply lost, didn't think i'd be hired by anyone. so this is a whole new world for me. i'm very excited about that facility. should school officials be allowed to seize and search students' personal cell phones and computers? a new ruling makes it legal in part of our area. we've got the details. >> this is fox 5's news edge at 11:00. s
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tense moments in takoma park this morning after a hostage situation and shootout. it ended with this guy under arrest. police say he led them on a chase and fired at an officer. it started near a takoma park elementary school when an officer tried to stop a driver for speeding. police say the driver took off and rammed a pole in the school parking lot and jumped out then and ran away. when an officer ran after him, they say the suspect pulled out a gun and started firing. he ran and grabbed an elderly
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man and held him hostage. >> an adult male resident just happened to be coming out. he was grabbed by the suspect and held as a shelled as a hostage. the officer gave verbal command -- shield as a hostage. the officer gave verbal commands to release the hostage. students in virginia may have their cell phones and laptops seized and then searched. the attorney general issued the official ruling yesterday but he said school officials must have a reasonable suspicion that a student has violated the law or school rules. when the attorney general issued an opinion in virginia, it is considered law unless someone challenges it in court. critics say the move could violate civil rights. the countdown to christmas is on, but you don't have to get up early tomorrow and stand in line to find good deals on electronics. we've got the secret to saving big. we're also going to show you how to avoid busting your holiday budget while shopping this


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